Who can attend a First Aid Course?

Anybody is able to attend a first aid course. The more people who know basic first aid, the better! The UK is some way behind countries such as the USA, Sweden & Norway when it comes to emergency care. Whilst our awarding body require attendees to be at least 16 years of age to receive the level 3 award, we do regularly offer specialist training to younger attendees as part of our youth education programme.

Who will provide the training?

Training will be delivered by one of our experienced team. We offer professional led training services with a targeted allocation of staff to courses that best suite their expertise for example;

– First aid & Emergency care courses delivered by Paramedics
– Moving & Handling courses delivered by Physiotherapists
– Mental Health courses delivered by Registered Mental Health Nurses
– Fire Marshall courses delivered by serving Firefighters

What happens if I need to cancel?


Due to the increased costs associated with learner registrations, venues and trainer costs, all course fees are now non refundable.

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