Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Courses

First Aid Courses in Essex: Expert Training

At Essex Medical Training, we provide the level of experience that emergency situations require. If you are looking forward to a career as a paramedic or a similar role, our pre-hospital emergency first aid courses can open up all sorts of pathways for you. By laying the practical foundations for emergency work, we can set you up to make a real difference in emergency situations. Our courses are:

  • Exclusively run by instructors with real-life experience
  • Based on levels of greater insight into unfolding emergencies
  • Comprehensive and foundational

Our Essex courses are designed to prepare you for the difficulties that not only your future career itself will entail, but the qualifications that lead up to it.

About Us

As a local leader in first aid training courses, we have provided a wide range of educational classes ranging from basic, workplace first aid up to foundational paramedic training. What we do is about more than the qualifications, but the tangible skills. Our courses are designed to fit learners of all backgrounds, and with more than 30 years of experience delivering quality training, we offer results you can rely on.

Someone holding a red first aid bag walking towards a person lying on a stretcher.

Our Emergency First Aid Training

A well-trained paramedic can mean the difference between life and death daily. Our emergency first aid courses are led by industry professionals with real-world experience in a huge range of emergency medical situations. Our courses adhere to the highest standards of medical training, but they also present an open forum for questions and answers. We do not employ career trainers–only those with the real-life experience needed to guarantee the highest level of support.

Securing Your Future

If you are looking to a career as a paramedic or any other similar role in emergency first aid, Essex Medical Training can lay the strongest foundations. Everything that we teach is about practical application in the field–but it is also about maintaining focus in sometimes extremely difficult situations. With us, you can get emergency medical training which will set up your career like no other training.

A CPR dummy with medical equipment attached to it. Someone is kneeling by it.

Get in Touch

With any questions about our emergency first aid training courses in Essex or to select a date for a course, get in touch with us. We can offer courses in:

  • QA Level 3, 4, & 5
  • Administration of Lifesaving Medication
  • First-response emergency care
  • Immediate life support

Setting the future for our next generation of paramedics, we offer unrivalled field experience to ensure that your foundational skills meet the highest standards.

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