Why It Pays To Provide First Aid Training For Your Office Staff

The Benefits Of Providing First Aid Training For Your Office Employees

Most of us quite rightly view the office as being a safe place to work. In the main, it is, but as the saying goes: “Accidents can happen”.

As sure as night follows day, accidents, injuries or employees taking ill while at work are things that will occur.

In the UK, companies have a legal requirement to ensure that employees receive immediate attention in the event it is needed.

With this in mind, here are just 5 reasons why your company should invest in First Aid Training for your workforce.

First Aid training can save lives!

If for nothing else, this has to be the most compelling reason to provide your staff with First Aid training.

It has been proved time and again in many different ‘real life’ situations that those with First Aid knowledge can help save lives.

A well-planned First Aid training course provided for employees who are keen to add to their knowledge will give them the confidence should an emergency situation arise.

Just as importantly, they will have the ability to respond immediately to an incident and attend to anyone who injures themselves. They will also be in a position to assist those colleagues who are taken ill.

An example of how this training can save lives rest in a person’s ability to apply CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).

When someone is in need of CPR, this procedure is needed immediately.

The ability to understand when CPR is required and then to apply it correctly can most certainly save a colleague’s life. It is this procedure that can keep a person alive until emergency services arrive to take over treatment.

Forewarned is Forearmed!

As with anything in life; knowledge in advance can be highly useful. This is certainly the case when it is related to First Aid Training.

Through such training your employees will become more conscious of their own and their colleague’s safety. They will be far more aware of potential safety issues and how these can be avoided.

This recognition can help greatly when it comes to reducing the number of potential accidents and/or injuries in your workplace.

Being seen as a responsible employer

Being seen as a responsible employer by your workforce and prospective employees should be taken seriously. The benefits you gain will be many.

Making employees feel part of your business has been shown to improve loyalty, productivity and dedication.

Of course, there are many ways to achieve this feeling of belonging, but First Aid training can be highly beneficial when used as team building exercises. It is something that will bring teams closer together and boost morale.

It is a benefit that can be used outside of the workplace

By training your employees in First Aid you are giving them an invaluable asset. One that can be used outside of the workplace and one that they will be extremely grateful for.

Having knowledge of First Aid will give them the ability to treat themselves, their loved ones and friends. It will also allow them to effectively assist in any emergency situation that arises while they are out in public.

First Aid Training is something that benefits all concerned

Basic First Aid Training courses for your employees along with regular refresher courses will show that as a company you are concerned about staff welfare.

You will be fostering closer relationships between employees and ensuring that safety awareness protocols and procedures are established. The latter will certainly help when it comes to workplace related accidents or injuries.

On top of this you are providing an invaluable skill. One that will not only stay with them, but one that may well save a life!

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